Coaching & Wellbeing

Do you feel busy, overwhelmed and struggling to find time for yourself?

Are you trying to balance the different aspects of your life but are left feeling stressed out or dissatisfied?

Do you have goals and ambitions but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you can't pinpoint it, but you want to explore how to feel fulfilled or reach your maximum potential?

If any of these speak to you, or if you have any particular goal or lifestyle change that you want to achieve, working with Pura Vida Coaching and Wellbeing can help you gain clarity and an understanding of how to move forwards with peace and purpose.

What is coaching ?

At Pura Vida Living I take a holistic view of life and of us as individuals. Pura Vida's literal translation is Pure Life, however the Costa Rican phrase goes beyond this meaning; representing wellbeing and living a happy, fulfilled and balanced life.

My coaching style encompasses the Pura Vida philosophy. I take a holistic approach focusing on people's overall wellbeing, enabling you to create a life you love now, and move forward with your life or goals with a sense of clarity, purpose and balance!
I hold a non-judgemental space during my coaching sessions to allow your mind to calm and make sense if the inner chatter; resulting in you being able to identify what is important so that the life you live is in line with your values

How I can Help You.

If coaching sounds like it could be for you, make contact today to schedule a free discovery session. During the appointment I can answer any questions and we will explore how coaching can be of specific help to you. At the end of the session you will know if we are the right match for coaching, the areas you wish to explore and how I can support you.

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“I have a passion for working with people to help them achieve their goals in all aspects of their lives. Along with active listening skills, a non-judgemental attitude and the ability to see people’s full potential being a coach fits naturally with my skills and values.”

Who Do I Coach

Whether you are seeking a more balance and satisfying lifestyle, increased confidence in your abilities or clarity on your direction in life, coaching is suitable for you.
Being coached is incredibly rewarding but takes work and commitment.
I coach people who are ready to step out of their comfort zone, willing to see things from a new perspective and take the actions required to create a life on their terms.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching with me will involve.

  • Gaining clarity on your purpose and what drives you.
  • Insight into you limiting beliefs and how these are holding you back.
  • Feeling confident that you can be, do and have whatever you want in life.
  • Defining your goals and designing action plans.
  • Challenging questions to encourage areas of growth.
  • Feeling truly listened to.
  • Becoming clear on how to align your values and vision.
  • Understanding of how to have healthy relationships with yourself and others.
  • Moving from negative thought patters and old beliefs that no longer serve you to empowering thoughts and beliefs.
Wellbeing Packages

Wellbeing Packages will include.

  • Identifying your values and how they link to leading the life you desire.
  • Simple weekly steps to improve holistic wellbeing.
  • Indentifying limiting beliefs that are stopping you making changes.
  • Indentify what areas of your life are preventing you from feeling peace & happiness now.
  • Techniques to reduce stress.
  • Powerful actions to feel peace and happiness now.
  • Options Available:Self Learning/Coaching Workshops.
Our Success Stories
  • Lucy

    “Anna has a very calm, rational and professional manner. She allowed me to have the space I needed and the right questions at the right time to help me see what I had been avoiding, how I was holding myself back and how this was affecting my work and relationships. I now have a clear plan for my year ahead, how to prioritise and use my time more efficiently and as I result I have a much better work/life balance. I continue to look forward to my sessions with Anna and would recommend anyone to work with her”

  • Steve

    “Skype was such an easy way to fit coaching into my day. As someone who is self-employed I always seemed to be working and thought time meant money, however I am now working more efficiently and I have become aware of how powerful stepping out of your comfort zone is. Thank you Anna”

  • Ayesha

    “During the coaching process of the six weeks my daughter was quite unwell which caused me a considerable amount of stress. Anna went through a few processes with me which helped me to see and process things in a more positive and practical way to deal with the issue. I have since applied these processes, thought patterns and guidance to continue my own personal weekly goals which we worked through for a successful overall health and wellbeing. Anna was very professional in her approach yet still showed empathy and compassion to help me achieve my goals. Anna's strengths are that she is very patient, understanding and has a very calming approach. She has provided me with very beneficial and valuable skills that I now use in my daily life and cannot do without. Thanks Anna! ”

  • Mohammad

    “Anna has been fantastic, her client focused sessions have been very valuable to me. Her holistic approach meant I was able to make improvements on both my personal and business goals ”